World Records of Vertical Jump

A Vertical leap takes a host of Strength, power and motor abilities. In order to successfully vertical jump you need to have mobility, flexibility and stability. Although it is said that Michael Jordan still holds the best “above the rim” title, these stars are also writing their names on the vertical leap.

J.J. Watt Vertical Jump

J.J. Watt, the Texans defensive end, took to Twitter to and poster a video of himself leaping 61 inches in the air. That's right, the same JJ Watt who can jump on top of a 5-foot box from a standing position. Yep, that's him. Watt has joined up with Reebok and there "Be More Human" campaign. But with a 61 inch vertical jump under his belt, J.J. Watt seems to be far more than "human". His efforts to better himself to better his game have most certainly paid off.

LeBron James' Vertical Leap

This NBA king of the air quite literally launches his 6-foot-8-inch body effortlessly.  LeBron James and his vertical leap measures a bit over 40 inches. In the NBA 20 inches is the average, and LeBron James crushed that. His 44 inch vertical leap leaves the top of his head a total of 4 inches above the rim!

Nate Robinson Vertical Leap

This 5’9” NBA slam dunk star is considered short compared to the other 6’5” and up players. But his staggering 43.5 inch vertical jump places him with the rest of the “above the rim” crew.

Anthony Web (Spud Web) Vertical Leap

Web’s 5’7” frame has a 46 inch vertical leap, which is an incredible feat for someone so short.  Spud Web is in fact shorter than Nate Robinson by 2 inches!  Like Robinson, playing in the NBA at this height is extremely rare.

Zach Lavine Vertical Jump

Zach LaVine is 6 ' 5 " tall. Chosen as the number one player in the 2015 Slam Dunk Contest. Zach Lavine carries an exceptional vertical power to dunk from the freethrowline. LaVine’s Vertical leap is 46 ins. LaVine also has become known for his free throw line windmill dunk , so we can believe he won the 2015 Sprite slam dunk contest.

vertical jump

There are many other pros and stars that are mastering the vertical jump out there. Even you can jump on board. It isn’t only for the pros. There are a few things to consider first.

Simply put,

In order to harness that force into a powerful vertical leap, you must have a secure foundation. This goes beyond leg strength and hip strength, but every bit of that power must be to be generated from the core and torso. If there is instability in the upper body, it causes the entire movement to lose power.

So, for those seeking to improve your vertical leap only utilizing try focusing on 4 key aspects: strength training, plyometric training, dynamic flexibility, and regeneration.

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