Vertical jump record of famous people: Part 2

The vertical jump of athletes is a milestone in their sporting career. Vertical jump is simply how high one can jump off both legs, and should not be mistaken for a one-legged running leap. To put it better, vertical jump is the distance between your feet at your maximum height and the floor. It can be measured by using a gadget called vertec vertical jump. First Part is available here

Excelling at vertical jump is essential to virtually everyone, but it is in particular significant to individuals who play professional sports. There are a lot of sports that require players to have the ability to jump higher. A few of these include sports like volleyball, football, basketball as well as athletics. Making vertical leaps is also helpful for those who are professional divers.

Attaining maximum vertical jump record require the determination to do your best and the ability to built up a body that can achieve better speeds. Thus, is required to reinforce your body and its muscles as merely after then will you be able to achieve muscle optimization which in turn is essential to making the best vertical jump. It would indeed be unfortunate if you are not able to develop sprinter-like muscles.

Several notable sport professionals across the globe are known for their incredible vertical jumping and have created a landmark in their respective sports. A few of these individuals and details of their highest vertical jump ever recorded are listed below:

Vertical Jump Record of famous sportmens:

Spud Webb

Despite being one of the shortest players in NBA history (5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)), spud webb vertical jump was officially recorded at 42 inches.

Lebron James Vertical Jump:

Lebron James has a vertical jump of 44 inches. Just a few inches away from Jordan’s 48 inches; but it is just as impressive as Jordan’s. James has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat

Michael Jordan:

Throughout his career, he was known for his jumps. This Michael Jordan vertical jump was recorded at 48 inch, enabling him to snatch coins off the top of the backboard. Jordan played ball between 1984 and 2003, and holds slam-dunk titles for 1987 and 1988.

Andrew Wiggins:

According to Chad Ford of ESPN, Andrew Wiggin’s vertical jump was officially recorded at 44 inches, giving him a higher vertical leap than any player at the NBA.

Russell Westbrook Vertical Jump

He was one of the best rebounding guards in NBA history, using his 36.5” vertical jump to drive and dunk over opponents.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vertical Jump

Ronaldo vertical jump of 30” allows him to launch above defenders to win headers. With a two-step run-up he jumped 2ft 6” off the ground, higher than any average basketball player.

Gerald Green Vertical Jump

Known for his high leaping ability, Green is a slam dunk machine that is well known for getting up in the air. He posted a 39” max vertical and a 31.5” standing vertical according to the 2005 Draft Combine results.

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