The Best way to Increase Vertical Jump

There is a lot of reason why someone want to increase their vertical jump. If it’s for basketball, volleyball  or just a way to improve your everyday life, we are going to cover the best exercises to increase your vertical jump. But first, like any skill in the world, how are you supposed to know if you are improving if you don’t measure your progress? The best way to measure if you are improving your vertical jumping ability, is by doing a Jump test. In order to do a Jump test you will need some chalk, a wall, and obviously, a tape measure.

  1. Do a light warm up like some jogging or some skipping.
  2. Dip your hand in the chalk.
  3. Stand facing the wall and raise your chalk hand as high as you can reach above your head and make a clearly visible mark on the wall.
  4. Jump as high as you can off both legs and make another mark on the wall with your chalk hand.
  5. Repeat a couple of times to get the best results (4-5 times)
  6. Measure the distance between your standing reach and your highest jump.
  7. Write down the values and remember them for future reference.

Now that we know how to measure our progress, it’s time to learn what workouts work for increasing your vertical jump. The most important thing you need for vertical jumping is power and strength, and both are easily improved by regular exercise. Strength can be greatly improved by doing compound movements like deadlifts and squats. Although both improves the strength in your whole body, they are especially good in improving lower body strength that is essential for improving your vertical jumping. Be sure to include them in your workout routine.

increase vertical jump

But you can’t rely on strength training alone to improve your vertical jumping capabilities. You also need power. Power is how fast you can access your stored strenght. The best way to improve power and explosiveness, is through regular plyometrics training. The greater the intensity at which you work, the better you will become at your vertical jump. If deadlifts and squats increase strength, what plyometrics exercises can you do to increase your vertical jump? Easy. Lots and lots of box jumps, zig zag hops, burpees, tuck jumps and even jumping jacks. Remember, it has to be at full intensity to increase explosiveness and power.

Increase Vertical Jump

One last tip. Another way to increase your vertical jump, is by losing extra weight. You won’t reach your maximum vertical jumping abilities if you are carrying around extra weight. By losing a few extra pounds you can easily increase your vertical jump a little more.

In summary, you have to increase both strength and power to get better in your vertical jump. The best exercises for increasing your vertical jump are deadlifts and squats, and plyometric exercises like box jumps and tuck jumps performed at maximum intensity. Measure yourself monthly or even weekly to see if you are improving on your vertical jump and whether you should make some changes in your exercise routine.

Happy jumping.

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