How to increase Vertical Jump: 5 tricks to reach the sky

Many people ask me how to increase vertical jump, so I would like to focus on that issue. Well, You don’t have to be a professional basketball player to execute a perfect vertical jump, but if you apply the suggestions in this article on how to improve it, then you'd have a better chance of executing a flawless jump.

On the flipside, if you are not into sports then these exercises will greatly improve your top shelve reach, particularly in the supermarket.

To begin your training on how to increase your vertical jumps, you have to be aware of your current jump height in order to use it as a yardstick to gauge your progress. With hands extended above your head, and you leaning against a wall or pole, let a friend mark out your reach level. Then jump and touch whatever is being used for the measurement and have the friend mark the contact spot of your fingers. By keeping track of your vertical jumps, you will know how you are progressing while gaining confidence and resolve to push harder to achieve your goal of increasing your jump. Below are some exercises to increase vertical jump:

How to Increase Vertical Jump


Skipping rope

This exercise routine is to warm up your muscles and strengthen it enough to gain the advantage that you want in your jump. You are trying to increase your vertical jumps, so you need a hard surface area with plenty of room above you for maximum elevation; for both you and the rope. You are not training for the track team, so keep your ankles together and jump in a vertical line. As you progress, the swiftness with which you skip should increase accordingly.


Conditioning the middle and lower parts of the body is the purpose of this routine. You start with your legs and shoulder wide apart, and feet firmly rooted to the floor. Lower yourself downwards with your back straight and head up. Once in the squatting position, hold for a few seconds then slowly raise yourself. When your abdomen and back muscles feel like they are being stretched properly, then you are executing the perfect squat. In line with vertical jumps, instead of rising slowly from the squat you can jump from it and land back in the squatting stance.

Calf muscles build up

Ever seen a kangaroo perform a leap then you will appreciate the value of strong calf muscles. There are two routines you can choose in building the muscles. You can either choose to jump up and down repeatedly in the same spot without bending your knees. Or standing on your toes, slowly lift and descend on your toes. The heels don’t contact the floor in this routine, all pressure is laid on the toes. Stairs are advisable for better improvisation of this exercise routine. In time, how your vertical jumps are effective should show how strong liftoff is generated.

Jump practice

With all your muscles strengthened and conditioned, you must try your vertical jumps every couple of days. Use your arms to gather momentum, by bending your elbows and keeping them at your sides. In jumping, lift them above your head. Meanwhile, make sure your progress is being tracked.

By going through the above tips, you should will notice that your power and speed has improved, and this will subsequently help in increasing vertical jumps. You should alsko know how to measure vertical jump

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