Amazing exercises to improve Vertical Jump

Increasing the height of your vertical jump does not need some special diet or the genetics of Blake Griffin. Most athletes and basketball players want to increase the height of their vertical jump through some exercises. Getting greater heights on your jump gives you a better advantage when trying to dunk a basketball.

This is because the greater part of the dunking process lies in the ability to jump higher than normal. Higher vertical jumps are also energy consuming and can wear down the muscles if you do not exercise or train properly.  Athletes need to be totally fit and have the muscle strength to get good heights on their vertical jump. Let’s take a look at a few tips for increasing the height of your vertical jump.

How to increase vertical jump

Remove the knots from the muscles in your leg: Muscles often get knotted up after a while; you need to eradicate these knots if you are to get greater heights on your jump. Knotted muscles exist everywhere in the body and can restrict the length to which muscles may grow. You can make use of a foam roller to remove these knots during exercise. Work on each set of muscles for a minimum of a minute when working out. This should be done on both legs. Use the roller on your calves by smoothening muscles with pressure from the ankle to knee. This can also be done on your quads.

  • Bulgarian squats: Height in vertical jumps come from the strength in your legs. Your legs can give you the power to jump higher and working on these muscles can give you fast results. Athletes often take time to lift weights and heavy equipment in the gym but rarely take out time to work on their legs. Simply stand close to a bench and place one leg on it. Holding dumbbells in each hand, descend until your knee nearly touches the floor. Push yourself back to a standing position. This should be done repeatedly for three sets with ten reps each.


  • Depth jumps: Another useful way to increase vertical jumps is through depth jumps. This can be done by stepping off a box and exploding upward immediately upon touching the floor. This enhances the reaction time. Once your feet touch the ground, jump as high as you can with your arms raised high above your head. Three sets of 5 reps each can be done daily for two weeks.


  • Squats: Every athlete that is being completely honest with their jump technique does not underestimate the rewards squatting could have on your jump. Several types of squats exist, pick a few that work on your calves and do them repeatedly for a few weeks. This should increase the height of your vertical jump in no time.
  • Power Squats
    Power Squats
    Do deep squat then jump.
  • Depth Jumps
    Depth Jumps
    Stand on the desk (or something high), jump down then jump as high as you can.
  • Bulgarian Squots
    Bulgarian Squots
    Set one leg on desk or something else then do deep squat. Remember to have straight back.

Increasing your vertical jump is very useful for dunking and making shots when playing basketball. This may just give you the edge over your opponents. Consistency is very key when doing jump training. Working out daily for two weeks consecutively would give you visible results in your vertical jump height. There are few words about vertical jump test

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