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A great vertical jump is a worthy asset to you as an athlete to maintain. It will help you get more rebounds, blocks, and steals. It will also let you dunk the basketball, which can lead to improving your passion, confidence, and it can makes the game a lot more fun! You might not have the vertical jump test equipment or even don't know about the vertical jump test norms, but I assure you that if you religiously follow the steps in this program, then you can surely beat the vertical jump world record.

If you are questioning if it is even likely to improve your vertical jump, you will be happy to know that with the right training, it is definitely something that can be enhanced. This program has been developed for over some years and has seen notable increases in the leaping strength of those who have understood it. You will likely need a nice pair of vertical jump shoes to really benefit from this program. The program also comes with all you need to measure your Vertical Jump Test (Sargent Jump, Vertical Leap).

Vertical Jump Test: Requirement

This program was created to fully serve as vertical jump training equipment and without the requirement for a large space. It covers everything you need to know about vertical jump technique. This program can be performed by anyone as long as you have 2 x 2 meters of open space (Which I know you do have), so there can be no justifications for not finishing the program. Once you adhere to the instructions in this program, you will surely begin to see your vertical jump test results earlier than expected.


Warming Up

If you carefully follow this program, you will learn that it is vital to warm-up your muscles first before reaching or implementing any vigorous physical activity. I recommend jumping rope for several of vertical jump workouts to warm-up and increase the blood flow to your tissues.


The program is split up into various distinct stages consisting of few weeks each. This is because as you proceed through the program, your muscles will adapt to the strain of the workout. Accordingly, we need to keep increasing the workload to continue increasing your vertical jump.

Rest Intervals

One minute rests in between all sets. If you can, try to keep a stopwatch with you when you are doing these workouts. If you do not have one, you can use the one on your smartphone.

Record Your Improvement

Keep track of how much improvement you have made at the end of each rest week. It is going to be hard for you as an athlete, but if you want to see positive results, it’s beneficial that you wait until the end of the rest week.

Now, I know how eager you are to increase your vertical jump, but the only thing holding you back is the program, which contains all the necessary exercises for vertical jump.  All athletes that have used this program are astonished and call it vertical jump machine because it is complete and has all it requires to achieve a perfect vertical jump. Do not limit yourself, click on the order button for a complete package about vertical jump increase now!

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