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Vertical jump or vertical leap is simply how high up one can jump off both legs. It reffers to the distance between  feet at a maximum height and the floor, and is generally measured in inches.

A high vertical jump is essential in several sports nowadays including volleyball, track and field, football, basketball, and the new focus on this skill is now transforming the face of many sports. One of the most intriguing facts about vertical jump is what the highest vertical jump in the world ever recorded is. Although there are several different talented athletes who have incredible jumping skills, nonetheless nobody knows who own the top record. Of a truth, there is no official measure or record for the highest vertical jump, as there is not a single sports league or athletic federation that has set rules and is regulating them. This leaves lots of room for explanation as to what qualifies as a good vertical jump.


Do we calculate how high an individual jump or how considerably more than their standing arm length they were capable of jumping? Do we calculate the vertical jump from a standstill or calculate a running jump? As a result of these issues, it is unrealistic to be specific about who holds the highest vertical jump record in the world and what that record is.

The majority of the claims people posted on the internet are unofficial and the heights are only stated by the jumper. Even though the heights are high, just how many inches no one can tell as we never see them doing real measuring.

Going by the Guinness book of record, the highest recorded vertical jump ever will be attributed to Justin Bethel who recorded a vertical leap of 60 inches in 2012. But there was an issue with the jump to fully admit it as the world’s highest vertical jump. In the NBA however, a few names are always mentioned when discussing the topic of leaping ability such as Michael Jordan with a record of 44 inches, Kenny Gregory who record is 45.5inches in vertical and DJ Stephens with a record of 46inches vertical - the best vertical jump in NBA to be measured among others.


Highest vertical jump in NBA can be divided into 2 categories: the standing vertical, which has the best vertical jump results between 35 inches to 40 inches and the maximum (optimum) vertical, wherein the best vertical jump results are 40 inches and above, with 46inches being the highest so far.

Outside the NBA, things become weird. Kevin Bania apparently leaped 64 inches from a standing range. In many ways, the vertical leap in the NBA draft is the same as the 40 yard dash time in the NFL.

With all these, no one can still say or give an accurate record of what the highest vertical jump in the world is. However with a proper measure put in place, this can be achieved.

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